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More gaggle c/o Anne Gearan.

From earlier transcript, Raj Shah was referring to Ronald Batory when he spoke about the presidents pick to head the Federal Railroad Administration.

*Q: Does president support releasing Dem memo?*

A: As weve said that memo it appears to be up for a vote later today in the House Intelligence Committee. If that memo is voted out and it comes to the White House we will consider it on the sale terms we considered the Nunes memo. Which is, to allow for a legal review, national security review led by the White House Counsels Office*, and thenwithin five daysthe president will make a decision about declassifying it.*


*Q: The president seemed ready and eager to declassify Nunes memo before he read it. Is that his same feeling w this Dem memo.*


A: Well Im not going to characterize his feeling but just walking through the process. We will be considering it just as we did the Nunes memo.

*Q: Release FISA warrant and does the WH support a second special counsel investigation?*

A: Specifically on the issue of a second special counsel I believe the presidents personal attorneys have spoken to that. They have called for further review and a second special counsel.
On the issue of the FISA warrant again that document along with any other that the house intelligence committee chooses to vote out of its committee though its process under all the normal procedures we would entertain like anything else.


*Q: Trump tweet on Adam Schiff. What did he mean when he said Adam Schiff must be stopped?*

A: Well I think when you look at the level of cooperation that this White House has shown toward the both Senate and House intelligence committees through this investigation - Id throw the special counsel in there but right now I think were just taking about the congressional committees investigations- you know these committees have investigated dozens of witnesses, or interviewed dozens of witnesses, reviewed tens of thousands of pages of documents.

And you see a pattern of leaking, leaking of confidential information that is provided voluntarily. Leaking sometimes of classified information. Lets be clear about whos doing it. Its being done by members of the minority and their staffs. We dont really see any reason why anybody else would leak his information other than partisan political stunts by Adam Schiff and other members of the minority, Mark Warner and other members of the minority.


*Q: whats he going to do to close the deal on immigration?*

A: I think the president has laid out his clear proposals in the framework the four planks that he wants to see action on. Hes already shown leadership by reaching across the aisle with a daca plan and offering legal status and a pathway to citizenship for up to 1.8 million people who are here illegally.
But to do that weve got to fix the problem because making folks who are here illegally legal while not fixing the problem only makes it worse.


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