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Subject: Travel Pool Report 5b/more troops and 2020

From: Steven Nelson
Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2019 3:09 PM
Subject: Travel Pool Report 5b/more troops and 2020

During Trump's remarks, he also said on the military and 2020:

"I'm going to have to call up more military. Our military , don’t forget, can’t act like a military would act. Because if they got a little rough, everybody would go crazy... Our military can't act like they would normally act... they have all these horrible laws that the Democrats won't change they will not change them. And I think they will pay a very big price in 2020 for all of the things, whether it is the fake witch hunt they start out, or whether it is a situation like this. I think the border is going to be an incredible issue."


Thanks to fellow pool members for the help.


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