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*Subject:* *Travel Pool Report #7: JBA arrival & flight color*

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Poolers phone perpetually believes its in the noon hour today for some reason

We boarded AF1 in Ohio at 3:53 pm (not 12:53). Eight protesters were along a ridge near the airport. One was holding a sign that said, Like Nixon.

Very little to report from the flight with the exception of a Steve Mnuchin encounter.

Secretary Mnuchin came near the press cabin mid-way through the flight. Intrepid poolers tried to get him to talk about the stock market, but he would not do it. He was spotted in a front compartment during the flight chatting with Sen. Portman and Rep. Renacci.

Fox Business was on in the background.

We arrived at JBA at 4:58 pm.

POTUS and FLOTUS descended from AF1 at 5:07 PM. They immediately boarded Marine One, and the helicopter was airborne at 5:13 pm.


Meanwhile, Sec. Mnuchin walked by pool and entered a black SUV. He did not take questions, once again.

Pool asked Raj Shah about the Dow when he deplaned, and Shah advised there may be something coming.

Back to you, in-town pool.

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