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*Subject:* *Travel pool report #9*

New York Sept 18, 2017
Pool was ushered into a room at the Lotte New York Palace Hotel, where POTUS and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were already seated for their meeting.
The leaders sat in two chairs facing toward the front of a small room with a small table with two bouquets of flowers in between them. There were two large U.S. flags and two large Israeli flags behind them in front of a blue curtain. Two large chandeliers hung overhead. There were empty chairs lined up on both sides of the rooms.
Both spoke for about a minute. Difficult to hear the two men over the cameras. Please check against transcript:
POTUS: "Thank you very much. It's great to have Prime Minister Netanyahu with us today, a friend of mine for many years. It's a real honor, I have to say. We're going to be discussing many things, among them a peace agreement between Palestinians and Israels, a fantastic achievement. We are giving it an absolute go. I think there's a good chance it could happen. Most people would say there is no chance it could happen.... Israel would like to see it. Palestinians would like to see it. I can tell the Trump administration would like to see it. We're working very hard. We'll see what happens. Historically people say it can't happen. I'd say it can happen."
Pool yelled a question about the Iran nuclear deal, POTUS responded: "You'll be seeing very soon." He did not respond to a question about North Korea.
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