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Subject: Travel Pool Report No. 12

From: "Rucker, Philip"
Date: January 10, 2019 at 2:52:01 PM CST
Subject: Travel Pool Report No. 12

President Trump arrived at the banks of the Rio Grande in the Texas town of Mission at 2:45 pm local.


The motorcade route began through an industrial area of warehouses, which gave way to barren scrubland and vacant properties. The motorcade then crossed the levee, which is where the wall is proposed to be built, and through a small county park as vehicles wound along rough dirt roads toward the river.

Trump stepped out of his SUV and was greeted by border patrol agents who showed him their dirt bikes and four wheel ATVs.


Trump is positioned on a bluff and peered down at the river. A CBP helicopter then flew overhead as patrol agents looked down to salute the commander in chief. Trump saluted then back.

Trump then looked at a tank and inspected plastic covered sacks of what looked like contraband.


Trump paused to greet the press and said, “thank you very much, everybody.”

Sean Hannity has special access here. He huddled with Bill Shine and Secretary Nielsen and is following along on Trump’s tour, only standing with the staff and federal officials as opposed to the press corps.


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