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Sent: Friday, August 18, 2017 12:07 PM
Subject: Travel report #3

AF1 was wheels down in Hagerstown at 11:54 am.

On board, we also spotted COS of the NSC Keith Kellogg, as well as Joe Hagin.

POTUS came down the stairs at 12:04 pm and waved to the press before making his way to Marine One.

Below is an email from press aide Lindsay Walters --

Hello - Below are the attendees for today's lunch and meeting at Camp David.


3. Nick Ayers
4. General John Kelly
5. Kirstjen Nielsen
6. John Eisenberg
7. HR McMaster
8. Tom Bossert
9. Dr. Waddell
10. Lisa Curtis
11. Secretary of State Tillerson
12. Secretary of Defense Mattis
13. Gen Dunford (via SVTC)
14. Gen Paul Selva
15. Secretary of Treasury Mnuchin
16. Jeff Sessions
17. Elaine Duke
18. Daniel Coats
19. Mike Pompeo
20. Mick Mulvaney
21. AMB Nikki Haley (via SVTC)


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