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Subject: WH in-town pool #2 - golf

From: Marisa Schultz
Date: October 12, 2019 at 11:42:22 AM EDT
Subject: WH in-town pool #2 - golf

We’ve arrived in Sterling, Va. where the president’s motorcade pulled into Trump National Golf Club at 11:35 am. The motorcade ride was without incident.


The press vans split from POTUS motorcade at the entrance of the golf club. Pool will be holding at nearby Italian restaurant.

POTUS tweeted some more during the ride (about Rudy Giuliani) .

Joining some protesters today was a giant inflatable Trump rat at the entrance of the club. A handful of protesters had signs that read “Impeach” , “resign” and “traitor.”


I’ve asked the WH about the president’s golf partners today. Will advise if I get any additional info.

Marisa Schultz
New York Post
Washington bureau
917-xxx-xxxx cell (



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