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Subject: WH in-town pool report #9

From: David Smith
Date: September 2, 2019 at 2:28:52 PM EDT
Subject: WH in-town pool report #9

POTUS’s motorcade departed the Trump National Golf Club at 2.14pm, passing several protesters on the sidewalk. Their signs included ‘Cheater’, ‘Impeach’, ‘Jail Trump’, ‘Stop the Donald’, ‘No Trump. No KKK. No Racist Fascist USA’ and ‘Rat infested Trump family reunion’. A member of the Secret Service kept watch from behind them.


There was also a life size cardboard cutout image of Ivanka Trump with what appeared to be a lot of writing on it. The last protester in the line held a US national flag in his right hand and a cartoon image of POTUS beneath the word ‘Resign’ in his left.

Motorcade is now rolling towards Washington.


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