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*Subject:* *[EXTERNAL] WH POOL President Fort Myers Travel Report #1*

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Air Force 2 landed at RSW @ 10:05, five minutes ahead of schedule. Local temp is 86 degrees, with 76 % humidity, making it feel like 96.

Potus landed at 10:40 and deplaned at 10:45. Potus wearing white hat and presidential jacket. Greeted by Vp Pence (wearing Vp jacket) and his wife. Marco Rubio and AG Bindi seen at the greeting president. In motorcade at 10:55 to meet w FEMA and local officials.

Greeting members of coast guard at 11 am at Private Sky hangar. Potus wearing white USA hat


First Lady wearing olive green shirt, white cap and white tennis shoes

Potus thanks local officials, Thanks Marco Rubio and shakes his hand. Says about Gov Rick Scott: "the job he's done is incredible. Adding later: "I hope this man right here, rick Scott, runs for the Senate."

President, who was barely audible over the sound of running engines of nearby Blackhawk helicopters, took no questions from local press. Press was moved back to the terminal after the 10-15 mins of remarks. He's scheduled now to fly in a Blackhawk to Naples for roughly 90 mins before returning to RSW and leaving Florida



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