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Subject: WH Pool Report 2 -- Trump back at WH 4:04 pm

*From:* "Megan O'Neil (BLOOMBERG/ NEWSROOM:)" <>
*Date:* June 3, 2018 at 4:11:45 PM EDT
*Subject:* *WH Pool Report 2 -- Trump back at WH 4:04 pm*
*Reply-To:* Megan O'Neil <>

President Trump and the rest of the motorcade pulled through the White House security gates at 4:04 pm.
Your pooler was unable to see President Trump exit his vehicle.
The drive from Camp David in Maryland was largely uneventful, other than some rain. While passing through Falls Church on Route 66, one motorist rolled down his window to gesture with a pronounced middle finger at the President's motorcade. Also on the drive we passed through lots of farmland and a couple of charming little towns, such as Lucketts, that looked good for antiques shopping.


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