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Subject: WH pool report 3 — golf

From: Shirish Date
Date: July 12, 2020 at 9:42:10 AM EDT
Subject: WH pool report 3 — golf

The president’s SUV turned into his private, for-profit golf course in Sterling, Virgina at 0939. Pool vans continued on to an Italian restaurant in a nearby strip mall.


The 28-mile trip was unremarkable. The motorcade used the normal protocol for golf trips, led by a police car and using lights and sirens as necessary to stay together through red lights and to discourage other traffic from cutting into the line of black SUVs and vans.

Some pedestrians at the end held out cell phones to take video. Others flipped us off.


At the entrance were a small group of protesters, including one dressed as the grim reaper, carrying a scythe sign reading “137K.”

Today marks the president’s 86th day trip to Sterling.

He has now spent 259 days on a golf course that he owns in his 1,270 days in office.



S.V. Dáte
Senior White House Correspondent
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