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*From:* Francesca Chambers <xxx@mailonline.com>
*Sent:* Monday, April 23, 2018 6:22 PM
*Subject:* WH Pool Report #3: More from Macrons at the White House


From my colleague Nikki Schwab who was at the West Wing entrance of the White House:

President Macron and Mrs. Macron arrived at the White House at roughly 5:24 pm.

After exiting his limousine, President Macron leaned in for a hug with President Trump, giving him an air kiss on his left cheek.

The French first lady Brigitte Macron approached U.S. first lady Melania Trump first and gave her kisses on both cheeks.

President Trump then pulled in first lady Macron for a double kiss, as well.

Video of the interaction is on Twitter.


Their Oval Office stop was closed press. Next time reporters saw them was on the South Lawn about 10 minutes later.



After their stop on the drive to pose for a photo, they approached press at the tree-planting position, where the sapling the Macrons gifted the U.S. government was already in the ground.

Each leader was handed a shovel, and President Trump and President Macron then threw in two shovels of dirt each. As President Trump retreated, his counterpart appeared to throw in a third shovelful of dirt for good measure.


The first ladies, each dressed in formal wear, did not pile dirt on the tree.

Pooler asked President Trump about whether President Macron had convinced him to stay in Syria, and he indicated that he couldnt hear the question by cupping his ear.

He then commented on how special France is and what an honor it was to host the Macrons.


POTUS also responded to Pompeo with the comments on Rand Paul.

Pooler went back and listened to network audio but could not make out additional remarks beyond what was in the last pool report.



Pool remained in place at the tree-planting position as the two presidents and their wives walked to Marine One.


From the back we could see President Macron put his hand on President Trumps back. The Macrons held hands.

My colleague, Nikki, who was facing the couples says that questions were shouted about staying in the Iran deal and pardoning Michael Cohen.

President Trump did not respond, but he waved at press.

The couples then walked to Marine One and took off for Mount Vernon, the Trumps hand-in-hand and the Macrons hand-in-hand.


Handing off to the poolers at Mount Vernon.

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