From: Meridith McGraw
Date: March 17, 2020 at 2:26:43 PM EDT
Subject: WH Pool Report #6 - Inside Tourism meeting

Inside Cabinet Room —

President Trump began by thanking the efforts of his admin and the travel industry.


“Thank you very much we have tourism industry executives...the true leaders of our tourism and hospitality industries,” Trump said.

“We know your industries are among the hardest hit,” Trump said.

“We are going to come out stronger than ever before.”

The president is going over the broad brushstrokes of the plan being considered in Congress.


“We literally had the strongest economy on earth,” Trump said, noting over 124 countries have been affected. “Unbelievable.”

Trump said he asked SBA lending to go up To $50 billion, “and actually more.”

The president is now having execs go around the room and speak. Hilton is to Trump’s left, VP is to Trump’s right. Wilbur Ross is seated behind.


“All over the world it is a disaster,” Trump noted after Hilton spoke.

More TK.

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