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Subject: WH Travel Pool 3 -- DEPARTURE – QUESTIONS

From: Shirish Date
Date: August 4, 2019 at 4:37:27 PM EDT
Subject: WH Travel Pool 3 -- DEPARTURE – QUESTIONS

The president took questions beneath the port of AF1 for three minutes.
Hate has no place in our country. “
I’ll be making a statement tomorrow at some point”
Said “a lot” was being done already and has spoken to a a lot of governor’s and members of Congress.


(Please check these against broadcast audio and/or transcript.)
Your pooler will do his best to transcribe the key quotes on the flight back to Andrews.
Trump arrived at Morristown Airport at 1628 aboard Marine 1 following the short hop from his for-profit golf club in Bedminster, where he has remained since his arrival Friday evening (x-apple-data-detectors://0) .
He climbed aboard AF1 at 1636 and we should be airborne shortly for the brief flight back to Joint Base Andrews.



S.V. Dáte
Senior White House Correspondent
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