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WH Travel Pool Report 1

Marine 1 set down at an unseasonably warm and muggy Joint Base Andrews at 1605 and rolled across the tarmac to about 200 feet ahead of the parked Air Force 1.

President Trump climbed out and walked to the boarding stairs, waving to reporters but not stopping to take questions.

He climbed the steps to the forward door and entered the plane at 1610.

Trump is traveling to a political rally for Republican congressman Mike Kelly in Erie, Pennsylvania, notwithstanding Hurricane Michaels landfall a few hours earlier in the Florida Panhandle. Trump earlier at the White House said the decision to go was a quandary but that he did not want to disappoint the thousands of people already there. [See in-town pool report from earlier for details.]


Trump also sent an explanatory tweet regarding his decision at 1552, just before leaving the WH.

Also traveling with Trump were aides Stephen Miller, Dan Scavino and Johnny DeStefano.


The longest runway at Eire International Airport is only 8,400 feet, so we are taking the smaller, modified 757 for todays trip.

Flight time is about 45 minutes, and we should be airborne shortly.



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