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As mentioned, Trumps full quotes coming.

Air Force 1 touched down in Erie at 1717 following a 55-minute flight that never even climbed much higher than 25,000 feet.

Deputy press secretary Lindsay Walters gaggled briefly, explaining that Trump had confidence in his team handling the hurricane and was receiving updates, which is why he felt like he could attend the rally.

Walters said Trump was planning a visit to the affected area early next week and that he spoke with Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey and Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal during the flight for storm updates.


The president emerged from the forward door at 1725 and came down the stairs to be greeted by Rep. Mike Kelly, in whose district the rally is taking place, and his wife Victoria Kelly.

Pool was hustled into vans while Trump was still shaking hands with a small crowd of supporters assembled near the waiting motorcade.


At 1730, we are underway, en route to the closed press fundraiser and the open press rally to follow.


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