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President Trump spoke to reporters upon landing in Erie.

When asked if it was appropriate to rally amid storm, he said:

We have thousands of people lined up, so we wanted to make this stop. It would be very unfair [to cancel]. You have thousands of people who started coming last night. So were going to do that and we have a lot of happy people. In the meantime, we have it very well covered in Florida from the White House and from here, from whats on the plane and well be back very shortly. But it would have been very, very unfair to thousands of people.

Trump took shot at Fed. On market sell off today, is he concerned?

No, I think the Fed is making a mistake. Theyre so tight. I think Fed has gone crazy. So you can say that, well thats a lot of safety actually. And it is a lot of safety, and it gives you a lot of margin. But I think the Fed has gone crazy.


On stocks:

Actually, its a correction that weve been waiting for, for a long time. But I really disagree with what the Fed is doing, okay?


Trump also said Dina Powell was under consideration for UN, among 4-5.
Asked if his words about enemy of the people may have contributed to the Khashoggi situation, Trump did not answer.
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