Subject: WH travel pool report #3—airport event

From: "Cloud, David"
Date: July 31, 2020 at 5:25:27 PM EDT
Subject: WH travel pool report #3—airport event

On the tarmac at Tampa International Airport, POTUS spoke for around 20 minutes to a occasionally enthused crowd in a pen that looked like it was set up for a far larger turnout.


He opened with a joke about the tropical storm bearing down on South Florida. “It’s not far. Good luck. Have a great evening,” he said, adding, “We’ll do whatever’s necessary to help Florida.”

Otherwise, POTUS hit many the same themes he has touched on previously—the threat from Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress, Portland, defunding the police, the threat to public safety from protestors, his claim that the administration was doing a great job against the virus.


Under a hot sun, the crowd of several hundred was close-packed into the front of the holding pen and almost uniformly maskless. They occasionally yelled out “We love you, President Trump,” or cheered Trump’s comments about the Democrats. One man yelled about Nancy Pelosi.

“In Joe Biden’s America, you will never be safe,” Trump said, drawing applause. “There will be no safety, no security.”


Barricades kept the crowd about 15 yards from Trump, who spoke from notes but seem to deviate frequently the from his prepared remarks, as usual. The event followed the script of the former campaign ralllies but Trump seemed to yearn for more audience engagement. At one point, he said that as he came down the AF1 stairs he wanted to mix with the crowd but couldn’t because of COVID19 . “I wanted to hug them and kiss them, Trump said. “Maybe in 90 days.”

David Cloud
Los Angeles Times


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