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*Date:* October 10, 2018 at 20:07:35 EDT
*Subject:**WH Travel Pool Report 5*

The president is still speaking at 2007, 66 minutes after he began.

Here is a rough outline of the topics covered, with some quotes.

[Those items followed with an asterisk are those that likely are not, in fact, true.]

n Offered thoughts and prayers those hit by Hurricane Michael in the Florida Panhandle.

n Said his election victory was so historic that people had to go back beyond Ronald Reagan to find a victory as large.*


n What the national Democrats did to BK and his family is a disgrace. A disgrace.

n Attacked Sens. Cory Booker and Diane Feinstein.

n Told voters to get their revenge on Democrats by electing Republicans in November.


n Repeated his claim that no one said it would be possible to increase manufacturing jobs.*

n Beautiful, beautiful clean coal.*

n US Steel is opening and expanding seven different plants.*

n After years of rebuilding other nations, were finally rebuilding our nation.

n Pelosi and the Democrats will raise taxes, bring socialism, open the borders, let drugs flow into the country.


n Democrats are the party of crime. Republicans are the party of law, order and justice. And were also the party of jobs, jobs and jobs. You see that.

n I believe in polls. Only the ones that show us up.

n Returns to reliving his election night victory. The whole map is like red.

n Donald Trump has won the state of Texas. Utah? Remember, it was going to be so close?


n Was that the most exciting night? Was that the greatest?

n A couple of mentions of Crooked Hillary and his crowd is chanting Lock her up.

n Accuses Hillary Clinton and the Democrats of colluding with Russia.*

n Under MeToo not allowed to say it. Pennsylvania.

n Relives election night some. Wisconsin. Michigan. Finally Pennsylvania, with tears streaming down their eyes.


n Telling his audience to vote for the various Republicans running for Congress, governor, Senate.

n Tosses in a local references to dredging the channel and adding sand to a peninsula off Erie.


n Says he gets a call from Rep. Mike Kelly, who calls him to ask for sand for Presque Isle. I say Mike, what the hell is Presque Isle?

n Allows Kelly to speak for a few minutes.

n Introduces Rep. Lou Barletta, running for Senate.

n Lou Barletta: This economy is so good that even Colin Kaepernick found a job.

n Bob Casey supports deadly criminal aliens. Sanctuary cities.

n Democrats will destroy health care with socialized Medicare For All.

n Economic boom is very fragile. It can end. Democrats can end it.

n Low unemployment rates for women, African-Americans.

n Claims he got 52 percent of the women vote.*

n The era of economic surrender is over.

n Trade deals, NAFTA, USMCA, WTO, I didnt want to use the word NAFTA.

n The Republicans passed the biggest package of tax cuts and reforms in American history.*


n Drug prices are a rigged system.

n Right to try.

n Trump said he passed legislation to let VA patients see private doctors.*

n The Space Force! Its where its at.

n Horrible, one-sided Iran deal. Jerusalem embassy.

n Standing proud for America, standing for the national anthem.

n "we are going to win, win, win"

Pool is being led outside into the motorcade.



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