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Subject: WH travel pool report 6 — arrival at drilling rig and “tour”

Shirish Date
Sent: Wednesday, July 29, 2020 4:25 PM
Subject: WH travel pool report 6 — arrival at drilling rig and “tour”

The motorcade pulled into Double Eagle Energy’s Rig 43 at 1513 after a drive back on I-20, but past the airport, about 10 miles east of Midland. Groups of onlookers along parts of the route, holding up cell phones as the line of SUVs and vans passed, but not as many as on the drive earlier.


There are two tall derricks at the site. An enormous US flag is flying from one crane; a nearly as big Texas flag from another.

We are in a dirt lot surrounded by trucks. The president climbed up on a stage at 1516. He stood for some photos, not more than a minute, then got back in the motorcade. It drove a few hundred feet to a tent where he is to give remarks.


Apparently standing on the platform for those seconds was the entirety of the “tour” he is going to take here.

Pool walked over under the direction of staff. There is Trump rally music playing. Elton John. There are a few hundred gathered in the tent standing in front of small white folding chairs.


The remarks should start momentarily.



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