*From:* Shirish Date <xxx@huffpost.com> *Date:* October 10, 2018 at 21:53:44 EDT
*Subject:* *WH Travel Report 7*

Air Force 1 landed at Joint Base Andrews at 2134 following an unremarkable 55-minute flight back from Erie.

Per deputy press secretary Lindsay Walters, the president spoke with FEMA director Brock Long on the return flight. No further details on Trumps coming visit to Florida.

The president stepped out the forward door 13 minutes later, walked to the waiting Marine helicopter and climbed aboard.

He did not take questions from the pool beneath the wing.

Marine 1 rolled several hundred yards onto a clear area of the tarmac and was aloft at 2153, bound for the White House.


Handing off to in-town pool.

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