From: Tierney Sneed
Date: June 15, 2019 at 2:43:13 PM EDT
Subject: White House 6/15 print pool report 3: leaving golf club

At 2:38, pool rejoined the motorcade as it pulled out of Trump National and we are rolling. Pool has sought but has not yet received details on POTUS’ activities at the club.


As pool vans waited at the entrance of the club, a small group of protesters — roughly 4 or 5 people — gathered by the Trump National sign. They had with them an inflatable, orange-tinged, yellow-haired balloon baby, about four to five feet tall. Just before the motorcade exited the club, one of the protesters, a woman, crossed the street to face the entrance.

Your pooler didn’t catch what was on all of the signs, but saw a sign that said “grifter” and another one that said “impeach.”


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